Current Date: 5 October, 2022

Adobe Story : for collaborative script writing

With the whole world going online, its but natural that script writing software should too. Enter Adobe Story. There is a free preview version of Adobe Story here.

Read the help file here.

With this free preview version of Story, you can:

  • Craft your tale anywhere and at anytime in a secure online and offline writing environment tailored to industry requirements
  • Easily manage several script projects, develop character biographies, add links as reference points, and fashion synopses.
  • Brainstorm script ideas or co-write and edit as a team. Assign roles that give production team members the ability to read, review, or modify the script.
  • Import the sample script or your existing screenplay from other scriptwriting software, including Final Draft or MS Word.
  • Take your script to the next stage by exporting to a variety of different formats such as PDF, XML, Text, MS Word, Movie Magic scheduler, or CSV for easy import into Excel.




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