Current Date: 5 October, 2022
Andhadhun Poster


Mark it as the finest film of the year (2018). And I believe the best work of Sriram Raghavan. True maestro of how to make a perfect thriller.

And Tabu – a role finally which the velvety voice actress highly deserved. The grey shade..the comic timing and the natural ‘Witch’ness..cShe gave so much to this character.

Ayyushman Khurana nails the role to the T.

Background Music – Top rated.
Supporting Cast – Top rated.
Screenplay and dialogues – Best part

Don’t miss it at any cost! Detailed cast and crew here.


Director:  Shriram Raghavan
Cinematography : KU Mohanan
Editor : Pooja Ladha Surti
Sound Designing: Madhu Apsara




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