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aThe Red Pony John Steinbeck

Book 4 D Week

Book 4 d week :

1. The Red Pony

2. Junius Maltby

Author : John Steinbeck

I really enjoyed revisiting this classic. I also happen to have the Lewis Milestone’s film by the same name, which I am hesitant to watch. ‘The Red pony’ is John Steinbeck’s 1933 classic and he revisits his childhood. As told through Jody Tiflin, it is about his red colt, Gabilan (Gabilan literally means the hawk), and the incidents around his childhood. The short story is told in four chapters and is so beautiful in detailing. Just revisit this one. A ‘coming of age’ book in a sense.

Quoting from ‘Junius Maltby’. ‘They told how, on a doctor’s advice, Junius bought a goat for milk for the baby. He didn’t quite inquire into the sex of his purchase nor give his reason for wanting a goat. When it arrived he looked under it, and very seriously asked, “Is this a normal goat?”

“Sure,” said the owner.

“But shouldn’t there be a bag or something immediately behind the hind legs? – for the milk, I mean”.

The people of the valley roared about that. Later, when a new and better goat was provided, Junius fiddled with it for two days and could not draw a drop of milk. He wanted to return this goat as defective until the owner showed him how to milk it.’ J

Book 4 D Week : By Vinoo


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