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Compact Primes

Compact Prime lenses make professional quality affordable


OBERKOCHEN/Germany, 16.04.2009.
A new series of cine lenses from Carl Zeiss will attract even the most ambitious movie makers who attach prime importance to optical quality without losing sight of budget constraints. High optical performance and ruggedness make the ZEISS Compact Prime lenses reliable tools for the many challenges that movie making has to offer. The PL mount lenses are for now available in seven different focal lengths ranging from 18 to 85 millimeters. They work with all digital and film cine cameras.

Even at first sight, the exceptional features of the lenses are clear for all to see: the lens housing is precisely tailored to the needs of professional cine applications. The ultimate in precision is brought within the user’s grasp. All focus scales are individually calibrated and feature standard housing dimensions as well as standard focus and iris positions. Due to this, matte box, follow focus and lens motor can remain in the same position when the lens is being changed.

ZEISS Compact Prime lenses are a superb line of easy-to-use lenses. They all feature a compact and lightweight design making them perfectly suited for handheld and Steadicam operations.

Excellent optical performance is a must for ZEISS lenses. The modern lens design results in high resolution and rich contrast, while distortion is low even in the wide angle range. The new cine lenses are, of course, color matched, and all individual elements are finished with the Carl Zeiss T* multilayer anti-reflective coating. The Compact Primes are characterized by very good flare reduction. The lenses feature an innovative 14 blade iris. The edges of the iris are rounded for organic perfectly circular out of focus highlights.

With these features, Compact Primes are the lenses of choice for anyone seeking ZEISS precision and reliability paired with high image quality in an affordable solution.


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