Shorts at Cafe Goa

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Shorts at Cafe Goa

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Hi everyone.

Cafe Goa in Bandra screens Short Films every Fourth Monday of the Month. I happened to visit one of the screenings and was completely overjoyed with the selection of films and the ambience.

This is today's brief for the same:

*************The line-up...******************
No Visa
Director: Bartosz Paduch
Poland, 2007
Duration: 16:28 minutes
At a remote border checkpoint, the day is coming to a close. Suddenly, a cart arrives and the carter hops off and opnes the barrier. The border patrol officers Edmund and Romek are forced to act quickly; after all, they have witnessed an illegal border crossing. But after their meeting with the mysterious arrival, Edmund and Romek will have to cross other barriers, the barriers in their mind.

Christmas Eve
Directors: Monika Dabrowska, Michal Jankowski
Poland, 2007
Duration: 9:38 minutes
Christmas Eve together with her family is not easy for Ewa. First the repetitive rituals and then the intolerant sallies her brother is given to. She contradicts them, sending a message by leaving the table and the room. It's Christmas Eve and arguements should be avoided. In the end, brother and sister are reconciled in shared childhood memories.

Director: Andrey Stempkovsky
Russia, 2007
Duration: 13:52 minutes
A young girl arranges a date by e - mail. She sends a young man a picture of herself. The photograph depicts a pretty profile.Lisa goes to the agreed meeting place and sees the young man from afar, but she doesn't allow herself to be recognised. She doesnt' dare reveal the disfigured half of her face.

Kyrill...From the Army of Lost Soldiers
Directors: Julia Ishakova, Aleksandr Chernov
Russia, 2007
Duration: 10:37 minutes
A violation of human rights can bring grief to any family. Natalia's son was conscripted to join the army of lost soldiers.

The Multiplication Table
Director: Elena Demidova
Russia, 2007
Duration: 16 minutes
An eight - year - old girl and a nine - year - old boy live in a remote village. Their way to school is long and must often be negotiated on foot. At school they experience a completely different world - the children read nice books and sing fun songs. It is loud and cheerful, but then the two children have to embark on the long journey home.

Fish 'N' Pills
Director: Tereza Tara
Russia, 2007
Duration: 21 minutes
The pill - a symbol of sexual liberation. But what are the effects? Are people really free in their decisions? Women are under the influence of synthetic hormones, fish change their sex, men are suffering increasingly from infertility and scientists are talking about new substances in the environment.

Mother and Wall
Director: Zuzana Vondrakova
Russia, 2007
Duration: 11 minutes
They provide most people with shelte, a home and security. For others they represent a hopeless situation and suffering. Ina historical context, walls often become a symbol for inequality and barriers between people. In this film, the wall is a metaphor for inhuman actions, infringement of freedom and the segregation of people.

ABOUT Monday Shorts

The Monday Shorts mission is to unite audiences via the short films submitted each fortnight. Monday Shorts strives to bring awareness to individuals and organizations who are creating socially relevant films to positively impact our worlds. In an effort to fully engage an array of transglobal creativity we wish to provide a forum for everyone's ingenuity to be premiered.

Monday Shorts promises to be like none other. This fortnightly event of screenings will allow directors and actors the opportunity to learn from one another and build networking connections through a wide array of artistic perspectives.

Monday Shorts was created to discover and nurture brilliance and innovation in the worlds of film, animation and music.


NOTE: Monday Shorts is now a monthly event, slotted in on the fourth Monday of each month.

You are welcome to submit your film to multiple categories and are allowed to submit several films to a single category.

However, it must be noted that we screen only 5-8 movies every fortnight so multiple entries will be shifted to the next fortnight

Please send in a short description of the film along with the a trailer and a movie poster if possible to so that we may print and display them at the venue.

The Details are :
Monday, 30 November 2009
21:30 - 23:30
Cafe Goa Bistro & Grill
Agnelo House, Grnd Flr, off St. John the Baptist rd, Near Mount Mary steps, Bandra (West).
Mumbai, India

Happy Viewing,
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Re: Shorts at Cafe Goa

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excellent, manikems! thanks for the post!

will love to p[ublish their screening schedule. if you can get me their schedule, I can keep publishing it here...
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