These commercials have won awards for best Cinematography

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These commercials have won awards for best Cinematography

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Simon Duggan, ASC, shot a 30-second spot called "Lost Barrel" for Jameson Irish Whiskey. It opens with a barrel of whiskey rolling off the deck of an old-fashioned sailing ship during a stormy day at sea. A sailor jumps into the ocean in a seemingly impossible and dangerous attempt to save it. The message it sends is that the barrel of whiskey is so valuable that the sailor is willing to risk his life to retrieve it. There is a cut-away to the sailor being confronted by an octopus. Another cut-away takes the audience to a solemn funeral scene on a beach. There is a happy ending when the sailor comes striding out of the ocean with a triumphant smile on his face and the barrel on his shoulder.

Darren Lew shot a 30-second commercial called "America" for Levi's. The spot features a fast-moving montage of images of girls, boys, men and women of various ages, ranging from a corporate executive to people treating themselves to a free ride on top of a train. The spot was filmed in a wide range of environments at various times of day. It concludes with a shot of a huge sign that says America. The visual message is that Levis is the leisure attire of choice for people in all sectors of life in America.
Levi's America (Go Forth) commercial directed by Cary Fukunaga for Wieden+Kennedy, Portland using poem by Walt Whitman. The prints (see link below) were photographed by Ryan McGinley.

Greig Fraser, ASC, shot a 90-second spot called "The Life" for Xbox Halo 3's interactive computer game. The commercial escorts the audience on a journey to the 26th century where United Nations soldiers are engaged in a battle with alien beings. There are shots tracing the life of a human soldier from childhood through middle age. In a close-up he makes eye to eye contact with the audience. The spot plays like a science-fiction movie that invites the audience to participate by playing the game.

With seamless integration of VFX and live-action footage, Asylum helped to launch Halo 3: ODST, the latest in the Halo series of video games, for the Xbox 360 via T.A.G. SF.

Concieved by T.A.G., the dramatic live-action short shot by MJZ's Rupert Sanders with VFX courtesy of Asylum portrays the story of Tarkov, an ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Trooper). From inspiration as a young man Tarkov evolves through his training and harrowing battle experience with the band of elite soldiers against hostile enemies to become a seasoned and deadly warrior. Expertly weaving sophisticated environment and character enhancements and atmospherics with feature film quality particle explosions, plasma weapons fire, CG drop-pods and futuristic Banshee War Planes, Asylum's contributions to the piece were both explosive and intimate. In concert with brilliant photography, these matchless effects gave rise to a piece that evokes an immediate sense of danger and adventure, coupled with the grave realities of duty and honor that define the Halo series.

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