Fixing Sony XDCAM damaged folder structure

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Fixing Sony XDCAM damaged folder structure

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If your DIT (Digital Imaging Technician, the guy who comes with the digital cameras and gives you your backups) screws up and gives you damaged folder structures for Sony XDCAM cameras (example: EX3), here's a workaround:

Download Sony XDCAM Browser (in case you don't have already) and install.

1) copy all the mp4s of clips in one folder (lets say we call it rushes01) and create another new folder where you will save the corrected clips (lets say we cal lit 'corrected_rushes01')
2) Open Sony XDCAM Browser
3) Go to File -> Import and browse to this folder 'rushes01'
4) Select all clips and click 'Start'. All clips will be imported into the XDCAM Browser.
5) In the Sony XDCAM Browser, in the lower left hand side window, select the 'corrected_rushes01'
6) Drag the imported mp4 clips from the top window to the bottom left window into the folder 'corrected_rushes01'
7) Let the software run its process
8) Go back to the folder 'corrected_rushes01' in your computer and find the corrected clips with the right metadata information and folder structure.

You can now import these clips into FCP easily.
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