Logic Pro Studio Gear: Hardware and Software

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Logic Pro Studio Gear: Hardware and Software

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Audio Interfaces
Apogee Electronics

Apogee is regarded as the reference standard for audio professionals around the world and continues to raise the bar for excellence in sound technology. “Apogee hardware, in combination with Mac OS X, is the ultimate fusion of sound, power and stability on which to unleash your audio creativity.” says Betty Bennett, CEO of Apogee Electronics. Products include the Mini-ME and Mini-DAC USB based and the Rosetta series FireWire based audio interfaces. Apogee is also the company behind the much lauded Big Ben master digital clock device.

Digidesign, a division of Avid Technology, Inc., is the world’s leading manufacturer of digital audio production systems, including the renowned Pro Tools digital audio workstation. “Combining Digidesign’s Pro Tools systems with Mac OS X provides a rock-solid environment that enables users to focus on what’s important — their creative projects,” says David Gibbons, Director of Product Marketing, Digidesign. Besides the high-end Pro Tools HD PCI based systems, Digidesign also offers more entry level audio interfacesm such as the USB-based M-Box and the FireWire-based Digi 002.

Focusrite is a London-based company dedicated to developing superior-sounding products for recording and mixing professionals. Initially known for their award-winning hardware microphone pre-amps, equalizers, and compressors, the company now develops audio interfaces like the USB-based M-Box and FireWire-based Digi 002 — both distributed by Digidesign. Their most current interface, the Saffire, provides 24-bit/192khz processing with onboard DSP at a surprisingly affordable price.

Lynx Studio Technology, Inc. designs and manufactures professional, computer-related audio products. The company’s primary goal is to utilize cutting-edge technology to create the highest quality products at a good value to the customer. Products include the Aurora line of A/D and D/A convertors and a series of PCI-based audio interfaces with either AES or ADAT Litepipe connectivity.

M-Audio is a leading provider of creative tools for computer-centric musicians, including best-selling recording interfaces, software, controller keyboards, speakers, and microphones. “Apple’s vision of bringing music to the masses is perfectly aligned with M-Audio’s conviction that anyone can express themselves through music,” states Tim Ryan, President of M-Audio.

Mackie is a division of Loud Technologies, one of the world’s largest dedicated pro audio and music products companies. As part of a wide range of digital recording and mixing products, Mackie produces computer audio interfaces, such as the USB-based Spike and the elaborate FireWire-based Digital X digital production console. They also offer a unique FireWire I/O option for their popular new Onyx line of small to medium-size desktop mixers.

Metric Halo
Metric Halo’s Mobile I/O FireWire Audio interfaces provide best-in-class professional audio performance with onboard DSP processing designed specifically for Mac OS X. “Metric Halo’s new ‘Core Audio in Hardware’ floating-point drivers deliver an unbeatable combination for professional audio on Mac OS X,” states Joe Buchalter, President of Metric Halo.

Mark of the Unicorn
MOTU is a leading developer of music software and audio recording systems for the Mac, including the popular 828mkII and Traveler FireWire audio interfaces. “Connect a MOTU PCI or FireWire audio interface, such as the 828mkII, to your Mac and you’ve got the ultimate state-of-the-art desktop recording system,” says Jim Cooper, VP of Marketing at MOTU.

PreSonus offers the FIREPOD and the FIREBOX FireWire audio recording interfaces for use with Mac OS X Core Audio-compatible software, including GarageBand, Logic Express and Logic Pro — and now with Soundtrack Pro. “Mac OS X Core Audio delivers the ultimate computer recording experience. Rock-solid performance and seamless integration allow the focus to remain where it belongs: on creating music,” says Jim Odom, President of PreSonus Audio Electronics.

RME is a German team of developers with a vision for creating innovative, user friendly, and high-quality digital audio solutions. Founded in 1996, RME quickly earned a reputation for designing products with superior quality and affordable, mass-market appeal. Their current line includes multiple FireWire and PCI-based audio interfaces and well-respected A/D and D/A converter hardware.

Tascam has developed a comprehensive line of professional audio/MIDI interfaces for Mac OS X, from the best-selling US-122 to interfaces with integrated control surfaces, like the FW-1082 and FW-1884. “With Core Audio, our interfaces can achieve amazing performance and seamless integration with Logic Pro. With all the work handled by Core Audio, interfacing our hardware with the Mac is easy,” says Jim Mack, TASCAM US Division Manager.

Yamaha is the world’s largest manufacturer of musical instruments and professional audio devices, including pianos, synthesizers, drums, guitars, mixers, amplifiers, and more. They also develop products for computer-based music production including both FireWire- and USB-based audio interfaces, such as the unique and innovative O1X which provides digital mixing, DAW control, and DSP processing in one integrated unit.

Control Surfaces

Behringer, founded in 1989, is dedicated to developing and manufacturing technologically advanced products with exceptional value. Among their full line of professional audio products, Behringer offers the compact and affordable B-Control line of MIDI control surfaces.

CM Labs
CM Labs has been producing control surfaces and audio routers for recording studio and production facilities since 1990. They currently offer the Motormix, Motormate, and Dashboard control surfaces with fully motorized, touch-sensitive faders and complete transport controls. All CM Labs products are designed and manufactured in the US.

Euphonix is a leading manufacturer of large format digital audio mixing consoles, integrated digital audio workstation control surfaces, multi-track digital recorders and peripherals for live broadcast, TV and film audio post-production, and music production applications. Euphonix consoles offer digital audio with the highest audio resolution in the industry. Their System 5 MC console provides integrated control of Logic through emulation of the HUI protocol.

Solid State Logic is the world’s largest manufacturer of professional analog and digital audio consoles for music, broadcast, post-production and film. Their AWS 900 combines a compact world-class analogue mixing desk and comprehensive DAW controller in one revolutionary and very elegant console. Based on SSL’s flagship XL 9000 K Series console, the AWS 900 provides a unique option for professional Logic Pro users seeking a quality analog desk and compatible control surface.

Smart AV
Smart AV PTY Ltd develops and manufactures the Smart Console, a “new breed of console that sets a new standard of ergonomic efficiency associated with mixing and editing large numbers of channels.” This revolutionary and somewhat radical control surface is designed to reduce the number of knobs on a panel, as well as the number of actions required to gain access to out-of-reach channels.

JL Cooper
JLCooper Electronics was founded in 1979 and has been a pioneer in the development of professional control, automation, synchronization and interfacing products. They currently offer a complete line of controller products, such as the CS-32 MiniDESK and Fadermaster 4/100, which are compatible with the Logic software line.

Mackie is the leading provider of control surfaces to the professional audio industry. The Mackie Control Universal, which was originally designed specifically for use with Logic software, includes transport and jog/shuttle, cursor navigation and writing automation with touch-sensitive, motorized faders. “We are thrilled with Apple’s continued commitment to the MCU platform and are proud to offer Logic Pro users a control surface solution that gives them an efficient and accurate way to command the powerful creative tools in Logic Pro,” commented Jamie Engen, CEO of LOUD Technologies, Inc., parent company of Mackie.

In addition to integrated audio interface/control surface units, Tascam also offers the US-2400, an affordable, dedicated DAW controller with 100mm motorized faders and full transport controls.


TC Electronic
TC Electronic’s Powercore platform runs high-performance plug-ins via PCI or FireWire hardware and integrates with most digital audio software running under Mac OS X. “The rock-solid stability of Mac OS X makes it the perfect PowerCore partner,” states Ed Simeone, Chairman of TC Electronic.

Universal Audio
The UAD-1 PCI card with AU support runs UA’s classic studio compressors, EQs and reverbs, as well as modern cutting-edge mixing and mastering tools. “Our UAD-1 DSP hardware and classic AU plug-ins combined with premium Mac OS X audio applications like Apple’s Soundtrack Pro and Logic Pro 7 create the ultimate DAW project studio systems,” says Mike Barnes, Director of Marketing at Universal Audio.
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