Synch-Sound Anamorphic lens

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Synch-Sound Anamorphic lens

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Here's a small story from working in 'The Industry'

In the process of prepping for a film, which we were shooting synch-sound, 35mm Anamorphic, Arricam ST, I had asked for Hawk Lenses. The camera rental guy didn't have them, but had what he calls 'Panavision Kowa' and Arriscopes. Kowas, I didn't want to try and Arriscopes, I have read about their bulk and breathing. So i stuck to Hawks.

Heres something interesting that happened : the rental guy spoke to someone in production , telling them Arriscopes are better suited for synch-sound and Hawks, not so. The production put a doubt in the director's mind, and he mentioned it to me. I had never heard of 'blimped' lenses, so I called up a few of my Audiography friends. No one had ever heard of any such thing. I knew such a thing doesn't exist.

Then I wrote to Arri support. Here's their prompt reply:
Dear Sir,

As the ARRICAM ST is a synch - sound camera, you should have no problem with

any make of 35mm format lenses. Whether they are Zeiss, Cooke, Hawk, Arriscope

or Angenieux lenses.

The main thing is that you are happy with end result of the quality of the image from the

lenses of your choice, i.e. sharpness & contrast.

Best regards,

Brian Taylor,

Service Department

Arri (GB)
TEL: 01895 457000
Fax: 01895 457001
just goes on to say that people, even the rental house guys, can be a real PITA, and we have to keep our marbles in the right place all the time.
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