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Arri 416 Quick Guide

Posted: Mon Nov 30, 2009 10:06 am
by Paramvir Singh
This Quick Guide (order number K5.40076.0) provides a short introduction to the ARRIFLEX 416. This guide does not replace the ARRIFLEX 416 Instruction Manual (K5.66324.0). It is essential that you acquaint yourself with the instruction manual before operating the equipment.
Even though all efforts have been made to ensure this guide’s accuracy, changes and upgrades to the products described can result in different hardware or behaviour. Technical data are subject to change without notice.
These documents can be downloaded from in Acrobat pdf format. The Acrobat Reader can be downloaded free from the Adobe web site at A PostScript printer gives best printing results.
Software Version
This guide describes the ARRIFLEX 416 with Software Packet 01G. Different software versions can result in different behaviour. Authorized ARRI Service Centres can check and update equipment software.
Anyone operating the ARRIFLEX 416 system should have these tools:
  • 1. A 416 Shutter Tool is used to adjust the open sector of the mirror shutter.
    2. A 1.5 mm metric hex wrench is used to adjust the alignment and focus of the Integrated Video System.
    3. A 3 mm metric hex wrench is used to attach and remove camera components and most accessories.
    4. A 5 mm metric hex wrench is used to attach or remove the 3/8” Accessory Shoe Adapter, the LWS-5 and the WHA-2 Rosette Bracket.
    5. A 8-10mm (5/16”) flat head screwdriver is used to attach base plates.
    6. A Hirschmann clamp is used to withdraw and replace fibre screens and the field lens.
    7. A red plastic film track cleaning rod for cleaning the film track and holding the mirror shutter still during adjustment.