The Journey of the F65 - 1080p version

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The Journey of the F65 - 1080p version

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This film began life as a camera test and transformed into something greater. When faced with trying to test the new F65 cameras limitations in the roll up to the big NAB 2012 trade show, Band Pro was contacted by Director/DP Ruben Carrillo, who proposed taking the camera on a tour of the Hawaiian Islands. Using his connections and years of experience with shooting in Hawaii, the crew planned a very ambitious shoot schedule and set off with a skeleton crew composing of Ruben, Band Pro's Randy Wedick as AC, DIT, Data Asset Manager, etc, Dawn Kaniaupio as Producer, and Vincent Ricafort as one man BTS camera crew & all around backup film maker.
The shooting conditions pushed the camera to the limits. In terms of resolution, there are wide shots of the volcanic crater & close ups of newly formed volcanic rocks with crystalline near infinite resolution that were photographed. In terms of dynamic range, there are shots directly into the sun low on the horizon where detail & color in the sunlit clouds are present at the same time as in the shadow side of the black volcanic rock. Color fidelity & the value of 16-bit capture are present throughout the piece in the fine gradations of green on the vegetation, the skin tones of the hula performers and the bright colors throughout.
Mechanical & electronic performance of the camera were tested by filming very close to hot volcanic flows, and also in misty valleys. The camera was mounted to the outside of the helicopter in a Tyler Nose Mount, and weather protections were prepared, but were minimal.
All in all, the film makers came away very impressed with the performance of the camera, and also the ease of use in the field. Gone are the nested menus of previous Sony cameras, replaced by a clean one page interface on a side panel. The extreme high performance of the camera allow you to line up most shots as is and just get back to shooting.
This vimeo video is just a shadow of the quality of the 4K projected image. If you get a chance to see the film projected, it is highly recommended.
As of the writing of this document, there is currently a 4K display & playback system at Band Pro Film & Digital, stop by and check it out!

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