Current Date:17 August, 2022
Kinefinity KineMax 6k Camera

Kinefinity KineMax 6k Camera

Kinefinity™ is the brand of professional digital cinema products including KineRAW cameras, KineMAG SSD, KineKIT accessories, KineStation transcoding software, KineGrip sidegrip, and more. The KineRAW cameras and related products are designed, developed, assembled in China by a team with passion, concentration, vision and technical background from high performance astronomy camera design.

The KineRAW™ cameras and related products are value-priced digital cinema camera specifically for film or video creations, and are trying to bring the digital RAW advantages into more creations. And Hope more people would join us or cooperate with us to provide better service and experience for our clients.

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6K RAW In-Camera KineMAX is capable of Capturing and Recording 6K Uncompressed CinemaDNG and 6K Compressed CinemaDNG, In-Camera, without external recorder. New 6K OLPF is re-designed and optimised for 6K capturing, and also it makes images sharper even just capturing and recording 6K/4K/3K/2K in-camera. 6K RAW capturing and recording leaves very large room for reframing, trimming, and CG, especially for 4K delivery. At same time, it also features capturing and recording 6K, 4K, 3K, 2K, 1080p, 720p in both S35mm frame and crop mode: that means KineMAX can cover from 720p to 6K, every mainstream resolution in one camera. KineMAX may be the most compact and powerful cinema camera for 6K/4K RAW capturing and recording now.


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