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Zeiss launches CP.3 and CP.3 XD Lenses in India

Zeiss is launching the new ZEISS CP.3 and CP.3 XD Cine Lenses. In this regard they are having a workshop on Friday 23 Jun 2017, at The Modena Hall, Waterstones Hotel, Mumbai from 11 A.M.- 5 P.M. Please find attached Invitation for the same. You are cordially invited to grace the occasion and make your presence felt for the event.


ZEISS Compact Prime CP.3 and CP.3 XD Lenses
Tailored for today’s cinema and beyond.
Digital technologies have transformed traditional filmmaking and refashioned the market. New and innovative technologies in both production and post-production have paved the way for a more versatile, cost effective and advanced workflow. The ZEISS CP.3 family is the latest contribution from ZEISS to support creative and progressive filmmaking with an affordable, future-proof and premium quality lens set.
The ZEISS CP.3 lenses offer the perfect combination of high image quality and reliable usability. They exhibit the clean, crisp characteristics ZEISS is known for, together with an interchangeable mount system and full-frame coverage.
The ZEISS CP.3 XD version features innovative and ground-breaking lens data technology to speed-up and simplify the workflow on set and in post-production.
The ZEISS eXtended Data is a unique technology which is based on the
/i Technology and provides information about the lens’ distortion and shading characteristics in real time. With the ZEISS CP.3 XD lenses, even small productions on a limited budget gain access to the advanced techniques common in state-of-the-art, big budget films, commercials and television shows.


Adam Wilt’s CineMeter II for iPhone

Cine Meter II turns your iPhone®, iPod touch®, or iPad® into a shutter-priority reflected light meter, an RGB waveform monitor, and a false-color picture monitor. Cine Meter II works on any iDevice with a camera running iOS 5.1.1 or higher. It expands the original Cine Meter app with several added features:

  • Cinematographer-friendly controls let you set shutter angle, ND filter compensation, and arbitrary filter factors.
  • Use the front-facing camera for “lightmeter selfies” – use yourself as the model when lighting a set (not available on iPhone 3GS).
  • The zoomable spotmeter lets you measure light precisely from a distance (iOS 7 or later only, on iPhone 5, iPod touch 5G, iPad Air, iPad mini 2G, or later devices).
  • Add a Luxi™ photosphere for incident-light readings ($30 from ESDevices for iPhone 4/4S or 5/5S; support for other devices coming soon).
  • screen322x572-1

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Convergent Design Gemini 4:4:4 Recorder

The Gemini 4:4:4 is a professional, high-definition video recorder that fits in the palm of your hand. Gemini 4:4:4 functions as a high-quality monitor, a recorder, and a playback device.

As a recorder, Gemini 4:4:4 records in the ultimate highest quality possible—uncompressed, which can easily be incorporated into virtually any workflow using your favorite CODEC. Gemini 4:4:4 is also capable of recording, combining, and playing back 3D video (with paid upgrade).

Gemini 4:4:4 records to specially certified and tested 1.8” solid-state hard drives that can be purchased from Convergent Design through your local dealer.


Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 1.21.34 pm

Data Rates


Format Data Rate(MB/Sec) 512 GB(Minutes) 2x 512 GB(Minutes)  Required SSD’s

ARRIRAW (16:9) @ 24fps





ARRIRAW (16:9) @ 30fps





ARRIRAW (16:9) @ 50fps




2x 512 GB

ARRIRAW (16:9) @ 60fps




2 x 512 GB
ARRIRAW (4:3) @ 24fps 221 37 75 2
ARRIRAW (4:3) @ 30fps 280 30 61 2
ARRIRAW (4:3) @ 48fps 447 34 2x 512 GB

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Codex Recorder for ArriRAW OnBoard Recording

With all the reliability you expect from a Codex recorder, only in a smaller package, the Codex Onboard S Plus Recorder can record ARRIRAW, Canon Cinema RAW, uncompressed HD or wavelet encoded HD material – plus audio and metadata – onto a removable, solid-state Capture Drive. It is weather-resistant and weighs only 2.4lbs/1.1kgs.

With a Codex Media Station or Vault, shots can be delivered from the Codex Capture Drive in multiple industry-standard formats.

More product details here. Workflow for various cameras like Arri Alexa, Red, Canon, Sony are explained here.

Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 1.10.16 pm

The Samurai Atmos

The Samurai is a portable touchscreen-operated HD recorder, monitor and playback device for video professionals. It captures pristine 10-bit 4:2:2 video and audio direct from any camera with HD/SD-SDI output. The Samurai consumes very little power, ensures long recording times (up to 16.5 hours on a 750GB disk) and the efficient use of batteries.



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New Kodak Asset Protection Film 2332

Kodak Introduces Cost-Effective, Asset Protection Film -Stock. Offers Content Owners an Affordable New Option on the Only Proven Archival Medium.

ROCHESTER, NY (August 23, 2012) – In response to the overwhelming industry concern about preserving today’s motion picture and television content long into the future, Kodak has developed an affordable, innovative color film specifically designed for asset protection. The new KODAK Color Asset Protection Film 2332 is optimized for content owners who originate or finish their productions on digital formats and want to protect their valuable media for the future. The stock offers over a century of dye stability when stored in recommended environments and Kodak’s proprietary ESTAR base guarantees high-quality physical performance.

“File-based projects often end up stored on tapes or drives, which need to be continually re-mastered or migrated, and run the risk of format obsolescence,” says Kodak’s Kim Snyder, president of Kodak’s Entertainment Imaging Division. “Our goal was to create an affordable film option designed for content owners working on television programs, independent features and documentaries to assure long-term access and preservation of their valuable content.”
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DSLRs vs Digital Camcorders. A survery.

Gunjan Sharma, Senior Lecturer, IMS Dehradoon writes:

I am writing this letter amidst extreme hope that it will succeed in invoking a sense of interest in the reader about a research that I am involved in and their feedback would reciprocate the same. I am a senior lecturer of journalism and mass communication at IMS Dehradoon. I am trying to produce a research paper on comparative study of HD camcorders (low end professional e.g. Sony EX3) viz-a-viz video DSLRs (e.g. Cannon 5D MK 2) for the prestigious international journal of mass communication- PRAGYAN (ISSN No. 0974-5521).
Since you have pioneered this field and have substantial experience in using either or both the above mentioned gadgets, I humbly request you to take the following questioner to facilitate analysis of imperative data so that the inferences based upon the same can be drawn.
Please feel free and encouraged to give your suggestions. For information on IMS and PRAGYAN you can log on to www.ims.edu.in
Go on the next page to see the survey (click : Read More)

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Canon EOS C300 Cinema Camera

More than just a camera, the C300* and C300 PL* cameras mark the beginning of a whole new system for the motion picture industry. Form factor, ergonomics, image processing and lenses – re-imagined to tailor the experience of shooting to the needs of professional cinematography crews.

Large imager unleashes full creative potential. Modeled on the Super 35mm 3-perf motion picture film standard, Canon’s CMOS sensor has an active image size of 24.6 x 13.8mm. The image sensor utilizes an innovative readout technique that delivers full bandwidth individual RGB video components without the need for any
debayering algorithms.

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Kinor 2K Digital Cinematography Camera

Digital Cinema Camera KINOR – DC2K

* 22 mm color CMOS sensor
* 3G  HD SDI output SMPTE-424M, 292M
* 1080p/50, 1080p\60,1080p/24, 1080p/25, 1080p/30;
* 1080 /25-30I 10/8bit 2048×1152
* (10 bit in RAW format )
* RS-232/Remote Control
* 35mm PL mount LENSES
* Sensivity ISO 300(24fps)
* SIZE 210x132x124 mm (LHW)
* Power 12V 15W XLR
* Weight 2,4 kg without LENS and Monitor

* High speed option 350 or 700 fps up to 2,4 TB  internal FLASH RECORDER
* 5,6 or 6.4 inch ultrabright monitor HDSDI/viewfinder  with internal uncompressed HDSDI  flash recorder
* External flash  recorder up to 2,4 TB
* real time broadcasting option pack
* Custom resolution 2,5K (2400×1400) option *
* FC output for up to 2 mile (3km) remote applications **
* Low speed, up to 0.0001 fps option **
* LVDS output option **
* SLR lens option (CANON, NIKON, M42)

The Kinor website

noX 2K Digital Cinematography Camera

technical specifications noX 2k d-cinema camera

* 2K resolution (2048 x 1152 at 25-fps max)
* 1080p (1920 x 1080, progressive, 23.98-, 24-, 25-fps)
* 720p (23.98-, 24-, 25-, 29.97-, 37-fps max)
* Single 1.2″ CCDchip
* More than 12 f-stops dynamic range
* CCD signal conversion via 14-bit A/D converter
* 8.4″ high resolution control monitor with touch screen
* 6.5″ high resolution, high brightness control monitor with
touch screen (opt.)
* Electronic viewfinder (opt.)
* Raw uncompressed data recording
* Direct recording to integrated exchangeable datapack
* 18 seconds shock protection
* Programmable under cranking < 0.12-fps
* 360-degree shutter
* Stereo mic/line level inputs with 16-bit/48Khz sampling (opt.)
* Easy-to-use camera operation
* Adjustable Gamma-curves
* Personal presets savable

* Clip browser
* Instant raw data playback
* Integrated pre-cut system
* Per-channel live histogram display
* Waveform display
* Vectorscope display
* Interchangeable camera heads
* Fully compatible to 35 mm accessories
* Robust aluminum alloy body
* High precision electronic back focus with presets
* Different changeable mounts available (PL, F, C, Canon, etc.)
* V-mount rechargeable battery system
* 12 V two pin connector for external accessories
* HD-SDI (optional via noXboX)
* Remote control (opt.)
* Shoulder pad (opt.)
* Gigabit Ethernet based file access
* noXboX Digital Combo Recorder solution for data backup and
fast rendering (opt.)

Topic: noX 2K d-cinema camera

* Phantom HD High Speed Digital Camera
* Genesis
* Red Digital Camera
* Thomson Viper
* Dalsa – Origin
* noX 2K d-cinema
o Sample stills
o Sample videos
* Kinor
* Sony HDW F-900
* Arriflex D-20


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