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Aurishikha Dey : In Conversation With An Actor

Auroshikha Dey

As a child what were your early influences towards cinema? Art, literature, graphics, photography?
There was always something about movies. The action, the drama, the romance. I remember as an army brat we use to often go to an open air theatre every weekend. Trust me I would become very cranky if I were to be devoid of this. And after every movie my father would ask me how I liked it and if it had all the components that, in my opinion, made for a good film – hero, heroine, love, fighting and songs

Life was simple.

How did you first become interested in the performing arts?
I am a dancer at my core. Dancing is my solace. To be able to express all your emotions without words but were mere grace and posture. However my first date with acting was when I was in college. I was part of the dramatic association and it is there were I was able to fuse both and use acting as a medium of expressing myself.

What steps did you take to train yourself as an actor?
I am a post gradute in acting from FTII, and that was my pathsala where iron sharpened iron.

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Gaurav Dwivedi : In A Chat With An Actor

Gaurav Dwivedi

As a child what were your early influences towards cinema? Art, literature, graphics, photography?
It began with literature given the usual atmosphere in an academically inclined middle class family from Indore. My room-mate was my grandfather, I called him ‘bauji’. His resources when it came to literature was never-ending and that spiked my interest. I was also greatly consumed by graphic novels. ‘rusi lok-katha’ ram rahim, nagraj and all diamond comics characters were my favourites and amusingly enough i ran my little library where books were select, varied and quite a rarity in the area i lived.

How did you first become interested in the performing arts?
Debates, fancy dress competitins and solo performances made for the typical rite of passage for the enthusiast in me just like it does for every aspiring artist in the country, in fact the world.

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The ‘Now’ Creative Collective

only name1


“Now” is an association of artists based in Mumbai which include actors, directors, musicians, dancers, writers etc. The basic concept behind putting the name of the group “Now” is that we believe that an artist always has something to say, something to express, but most of the time the idea remains in his head or reaches his friends. We under “Now” propagate and support these kinds of people, to take up the challenge of realizing their ideas in the form of a project NOW whether it is a film or a theater performance or a musical night, anything which can be delivered in front of an audience.


We have recently produced two plays; one is “A/126, Vrindavan Garden”, written and directed by Vinay Sharma and the other is “a b j”, directed by Shashi Bhushan which is an adaptation of the short story “Bade Bhaisahab” by the celebrated author Shri Munshi Premchand,.

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Method Madness

By Megh Pant

Some times i think this is the most commonly used term by everyone and actually no one knows what it means for me it means nothing

What is method acting?

Method acting is not an acting tool nor is it a book it does not involve growing beard, loosing or gaining weight, living like the character or becoming a character. The most misunderstood term, misused by everyone and it spells nothing but ignorance about the craft of acting, to who ever use it without knowing what it actually is now a days it is used more in a derogatory context to undermine the effort put by actors towards the craft of acting.

IN FACT There is nothing like method acting it is a wrong term to use.

What is “the method”?

Method is a school of acting, a philosophy towards the craft of acting. Better know generally as the American school of acting and specifically to the work done by a pioneer a legend of acting education lee Strasberg.
Method is the step wise approach to the craft of acting developed by lee Strasberg over a period of 45 Years at the actor’s studio in New York and it is only for actors who have been trained under his banner and by him over a long period of time who can be called method trained actor.


Method training is a training procedure which has nothing to do with an actor’s performance in a specific play or film it is the effort put forward by the actors to imbibe and practice the various acting tools developed at the studio by lee Strasberg.
It is more about doing Laboratory Behavior work and Practicing in private than with coming on stage and blowing the audience away.

What are the techniques?
Developed over a period of more than 50 years it would be better to practice those techniques than to talk about it, it is something that has to either be learned over a long- long period of time or be taught by a guru who has been trained in the method.


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