Current Date:10 December, 2022
Kunal Pant


“Right now, we all are stressed about our lifetime, our survival time and our productive time lost. It’s always about me and myself in this commercial world. My goals, my ambitions, my existence, my life. In this ‘my world’ we have lost the meaning of coexistence. The time out from proving to the world that I exist gives me an eye to see all the elements around me that are helping me exist each day in this world. The trees, the birds, the stars, the air, the love, the humanity. I suddenly realised that I have lost so much of them in my life rather than my productive time in this pandemic.

The poem is the first hand expression of my feelings inside .”

Written and Directed by Kunal Pant. This piece was written during the 2020 Covid19 Pandemic.
Kunal is a graduate in Acting from FTII.




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