Current Date:10 December, 2022

Bokul (2015)

Bokul is a Assamese language film written and Directed by Reema Borah.
Producer and Cinematographer: Sandeep Patil

“The story of three rural characters from diverse backgrounds – an old fisherman, a young rickshawpuller and a young unwed mother – all of them named ‘Bokul’, as viewed by an urban young man who has come back to his hometown after a gap of a few years.”


Reema Borah is a writer/director from India who was a performing artist and done her masters in Theatre before joining the national film school at the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune, to do her post graduate degree in Film Direction.
The shorts she has directed as a part of academic projects were showcased at film festivals globally, including Clermont film festival and Camerimage Film Festival. Her films have won the Kodak Film School Competition in 2005 and the National Film Awards in 2009. She wrote and directed Chaatak in 2010 and won special mention at IDPA in 2011. Bokul is her debut feature film, and is the first collaboration produced by the AllMitra Talkies.

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