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Auroshikha Dey

Auroshikha Dey : In Conversation With An Actor

Auroshikha Dey

As a child what were your early influences towards cinema? Art, literature, graphics, photography?
There was always something about movies. The action, the drama, the romance. I remember as an army brat we use to often go to an open air theatre every weekend. Trust me I would become very cranky if I were to be devoid of this. And after every movie my father would ask me how I liked it and if it had all the components that, in my opinion, made for a good film – hero, heroine, love, fighting and songs

Life was simple.

How did you first become interested in the performing arts?
I am a dancer at my core. Dancing is my solace. To be able to express all your emotions without words but were mere grace and posture. However my first date with acting was when I was in college. I was part of the dramatic association and it is there were I was able to fuse both and use acting as a medium of expressing myself.

What steps did you take to train yourself as an actor?
I am a post gradute in acting from FTII, and that was my pathsala where iron sharpened iron.

How did your first film project come about? Tell us something about the experience.
Oh that is some story. My first film was with Nagesh Kukunoor.
I still rememeber walking into his office to audition for “Yeh Hosla” where I was the 50th girl to audition for my character.

That very same day in the evening I got a call saying I was selected for the role. I literally jumped out of the bed and naviely asked the person whether she was sure I was selected and not shortlisted and that it is me. Oh God! That clearly is one of my most memorable day.

What are your inspirations?
I was always taught and encouraged to have a dream and chase it. Today that is what I am doing and the ones to encourage me where my parent. They are my inspiration. When I see how they look at me on screen, it is the most fulfilling and inspiring moment.

Is film acting intuitive or is it something you learn?
Oh no. This is definitely something that I learnt. Nor did I get up one day and think of becoming an actor. This is something that happened with time and when it did I really nurtured my craft and groomed by skills. I worked hard on it. I knew it wouldn’t be ease but when you love something so passionately, you really don’t care about what lays on the path.

What part does risk-taking play in your work, if any?
It a new day every day. You get up every day ready for a new audition not knowing whether you will get it. But you still dress the part and give your 100%. There are no bad days at work. And that is when you know that getting the part is not something that is in your hands.

If that is not taking risks and chasing your passion I donno what is. But that is what you do naturally when you love something deeply. As I said earlier, I know its not going to be easy but its not about losing the battle, its about winning the war and I know its not that tuff either.

Your favorite actors? At least two of them?
Meryl streep and Irfan Khan.

Any hurdles you have encountered in your journey. Things that are blocks in achieving your vision while working on your film.
There are many hurdles in life as such. It’s not about whether or not you will encounter hurdles, its about how you react to them and for me each one of mine strengthens me for what I want to achieve.

Do you often get all that is in your wish list or is it a hard bargain every time?
Oh yes. I do get what is in my wish list. I do often struggle a bit for that but I do get it in the end.

What is in the kitty now?
I am working on a series now and will soon be starting with a film.

Any advice to the aspiring actors?
Just work hard and enjoy your struggle as you enjoy your life. And don’t worry, you will get it… if its yours you will get it.

Any memorable blunders?
Sorry nothing that I can pen down at this moment.

Your dream project?
Listening to those words been spoken “Lights, Camera and Action” and seeing the world fade in between me and the camera is like a dream. So every project that I do is a dream come true. I see every project as a new one and my only dream is to give my best performance every time I hear those magical words.

Who would you like to take out for dinner?
My sister else she would kill me.

What are you listening to right now? And most recent book? And Movie?
Currently I am reading “How to Be a Movie Star: Elizabeth Taylor in Hollywood”. And as I scroll through the pages of time, I feel so inspired by her beauty and courage.

Auroshikha Dey

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