Current Date:April 21, 2024
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Ek Hasina Thi

When one of the finest directors plans to base the film loosely on a Sidney Sheldon’s novel, we are somewhere assured that this is going to be a feast for crime-suspense and neo thriller drama lovers.

Ek Hasina Thi was always an underdog. It didn’t get what it deserved but if I have to list out top 100 revenge thriller dramas in Indian cinema, this film can’t be missed.
Film starts on a hostile note when the 2 lead characters Sarika and Karan meet and then the relation turns intimate and slowly it is revealed that it was all a plan. It is then Sarika sketches out the revenge and the cat and mouse game begins. And the screenplay also runs so unpredictably good. Shockers at every now and then.
Performance wise, I believe Urmila portrayed one of her careers’ finest character in the film. From being an innocent normal girl next door to a  girl who is deceived to a woman who turns her manipulative side ON to take the ultimate revenge. Its a huge opportunity to have such a huge character graph for an actor and Urmila utilises every bit of it. Just the scene where she is been caught by the villain and she puts on an innocent face to blame Saif’s character – what a performance.
Saif again – I think he is one actor who fits more like a T in negative shades. Be it Omkara or be it this film – you end up hating him. He creates so much angst in audience with his performance that the end turn out really satisfying with his death. Believe me its the power of a solid script and also a solid performance to create that hate. 
Sriram Raghavan has never failed to deliver a film which is filled with surprises, shockers, a brilliant screenplay and a rock solid star cast. If you haven’t seen this hidden gem yet, bring out sometime and appreciate this work. I assure you will love it.
Edited by Sanjib Datta
Sound DZesigner : Madhu Apsara

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