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The 'Now' Creative Collective

The ‘Now’ Creative Collective


“Now” is an association of artists based in Mumbai which include actors, directors, musicians, dancers, writers etc. The basic concept behind putting the name of the group “Now” is that we believe that an artist always has something to say, something to express, but most of the time the idea remains in his head or reaches his friends. We under “Now” propagate and support these kinds of people, to take up the challenge of realizing their ideas in the form of a project NOW whether it is a film or a theater performance or a musical night, anything which can be delivered in front of an audience.


We have recently produced two plays; one is “A/126, Vrindavan Garden”, written and directed by Vinay Sharma and the other is “a b j”, directed by Shashi Bhushan which is an adaptation of the short story “Bade Bhaisahab” by the celebrated author Shri Munshi Premchand,.

“A/126 Vrindavan Garden”
The play involves about “Ajay” who is leading a monotonous family life with his wife “Saroj” and a 12 year old son, “Ashu”. This monotony finally breaks when he meets a woman in his office named “Kanika” and they start spending a good amount of time with each other. Over the guilt of cheating on his wife, he finally confesses the truth to his wife. His wife relents over this by warning and threatening him that if she ever saw his paramour again, she would kill herself along-with her son as well.
Ajay, however, could not overcome his feelings for Kanika and starts seeing her again. Confronted by his wife despite her dire warning, they fight over it and he contemplates to leave his family for Kanika.
Ajay meets Kanika to help him take a final decision. She gives him a clear indication that she never wanted him to leave his family and come to her. She tells him that she likes to spend time with him but she was never willing to spend/commit her whole life with him. This unexpected reaction from Kanika breaks Ajay completely and he returns back to his wife.

The play offers a inside perspective with an insider view of realistic moments faced by a middle class family, often engaging the audience with real life-like situations. It momentously captures the raw emotions and fleeting thoughts at turn of events. It is not just a visual treat to the audience but also is an overwhelming experience capable of sensitizing their senses of taste and smell.

It is a hilarious play about two brothers with contrasting personalities. The elder brother “Bhaisahab” is very strict, disciplined and studious whereas the younger one “Lalla” is carefree, playful and creative. The irony lies in the fact that no matter how much Bhaisahab studied, he could never pass the exams and hence he was held back in the same class for two-three years while Lalla in spite of his carefree attitude, managed to get through the exams with distinction.
The whole play goes through the series of events in the time span of two examinations. The relationship between the two brothers is akin to that of a strict father dealing with a wayward son. In the first exam, Bhaisahab fails while Lalla tops his class. After this incident, Bhaisahab becomes lenient in dealing with Lalla, but Lalla starts taking liberty of Bhaisahab’s silence. One day he comes in the room completely bruised and that triggers Bhaisahab to break his silence and lectures him that pride is not going to help him in the long run and that he would suffer if he continued ignoring his studies.
Later, the second examination happens and Bhaisahab fails yet again while Lalla again tops in his class. The climax scene is of Bhaisahab purging his emotions, by accusing Lalla, for his failures. The cathartic moment emerges when Bhaisahab realizes and accepts his own failures and ironically, later pleads Lalla to help him pass the examination.
The play is a social commentary on the shortcomings of the Indian Education system. The fusion of realism and surrealism and the involvement of physical movements to portray the characters deeply make this play even more interesting and engaging.

About the directors –

Vinay Sharma – Graduated in acting from Film and Television Institute of India, he has acted in various films like Lafange Parinde, 404 Error, Ballad of Rustom, CRD etc. He has worked with veteran directors such as Buddhadeb DasGupta, Kranti Kanade, Ajita Suchitra Veera, etc.
He is also an acting coach and a writer.

Shashi Bhushan – Graduated in acting from Film and Television Institute of India, he is also a writer and director. He has worked in various feature films like Bunohaansh, Kajarya, Flyleaves, Bhagaude, I.D, Baromaas, Ballad of Rustom, Alif, The Last Act, Aadmi ki Aurat aur anya Kahaniyan
He has also acted in various short-films which have won various awards at many international film festivals. With Mahesh Dattani he has worked on The Big Fat City, Saara, The Alchemist and Aam ka Bageecha.
He is also playing the lead character “Ajay” in A/126 Vrindavan Garden.

Cast of both the plays

Sonal Joshi – She has learnt acting from Barry John Acting Studio in 2008. She has acted in feature films like Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster part 1 and 2, Chalees Chaurasi, Untitled project under RGV production. She has acted in short films like Uss Din, Shaie, Valmiki Ki Bandook, Bawdi, Girl and the Autorikshaw, Ayutya, Time and Enough. He has woked in plays like Shanivar ko 2 Baje, Apna Apna Aasmaan, Yes My Dear, Asylum, Chugaddham Sym-Phoney, Shaadi Mubarak, Octopus, Murdaghar, The Big Fat City and Aadhe Adhure.
She is playing Saroj (Ajay’s wife) in A/126 Vrindawan Garden.

Sushant Sharma – He has done his two year acting course from Film and Television Institute of India. He has acted in Maanav Kaul recent play “Gorakh Pandey” based on the story Ramsajeevan ki Premkatha. He has recently acted in a Bengali feature film “Ei Poth Jodi” and a cameo in a film “Island City”. During Art & Culture Association 2006-2009 of Dayal Singh Eve. College (DU), he has won more than hundred awards including National level in cultural competition with teams. He has worked in Ministry of Culture in Delhi as a project assistant in multi media division to analyze the audio visual Indian History Documentation of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru for the researchers.
He is playing Ashu (Ajay’s son) in A/126 Vrindawan Garden.

Maanvi Gagroo – She has done hit TV shows like Dhoom Machaao Dhoom, The Cheetah Girls: One World. She played a leading role in the feature film “Aamras: The sweet taste of friendship”, has played a pivotal role in 2011 movie “No one killed Jessica”. She has been continuously doing theater with Silly Point Production.
She is playing Kanika (Ajay’s colleague in office) in A/126 Vrindavan Garden.

Saurabh Saraswat – Graduated in acting from Film and Television Institute of India, he has acted in various short films and has recently acted in a feature film CRD directed by Kranti Kanade. He has acted in many plays throughout India which includes plays like –
Kharache by Gulzar, 12 Angry Men, Death of a Salesman, Jis Lahore Nahi Dekhya Woh Janmya Hi Nahi, etc.
He is acting in both the plays mentioned above. Vinod in A/126 Vrindavan Garden and Lucky(Lalla’s friend) in Aa.Ba.Ja.

Anil Grover – He have been associated with entertainment in various capacities. Presently is doing photography and enjoying being a part of the play “A/126, Vrindavan Garden”.
He is playing Boss (Ajay’s boss in office) in A/126 Vrindawan Garden.

Sayalee Phatak – She is doing theater in Hindi, English and Marathi from last 6 years. She has worked in plays like Geyle 21 Varsha, Natak Nakko, Shivcharitra Ani Ek, Bandish, Mi Ghalib, etc. She is an active member of Natak Company theater group, Pune.
She is playing Mrs Shinde (Ajay’s landlord) in A/126 Vrindavan Garden.

Ruturaj Shinde – He is doing experimental theater from last 8 years. His recent plays are – MI Ghalib, Aashad kaa ek din, Shivcharitra Ani Ek, Sweeny Todd the Musical, Apradhi Sugandha, Geyle 21 varsha, Junglenama by Gulzar, Intitute of Pawtology, Idgah by Munsi Premchand, etc. Has worked in feature film CRD (directed by Kranti Kanade), a cameo role in Million Dollar Arm, Marathi film Coffee Ani Barach Kahi, etc.
He is playing Mr Shinde (Ajay’s landlord) in A/1 26 Vrindavan Garden.

Gyanendra Tripathi – Graduated in acting from Film and Television Institute of India, he has acted in around 15 short films and has recently acted in a feature film “Round Figure” Directed by Manish Agnibhoj. Has done cameo roles in films like Gabbar and The Legend Of Michael Mishra, has done more than 15 episodes of Crime Patrol. Has acted in various big plays like “Shab Ki Sheher” by Atul Kumar, Gunehgaar and Aswathama by Arvind Pandey.
He is playing Lalla in “Aa Ba Ja”.

Bramha Mishra – Graduated in acting from Film and Television Institute of India, he has acted in various short films. Has acted in Feature Films like Hawaaizaade (Director – Vibhu Puri), Chor Chor Super Chor, Baromas, Manjhi The Mountain Man, etc. Has acted in various plays like Jis Lahore Nahi Dekhya Woh Janmya Hi Nahi, Baaki Itihas, Cherry Orchard etc.
He is playing Bhaisahab in “Aa.Ba.Ja”.












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  1. Sushant Sharma

    I joined the group on the first day I shifted Mumbai, feel good & creative to be part.
    For me NOW is do what I feel at the moment.

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