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14th International Film festival of Kerala

The International Film Festival of Kerala is an yearly event organised by the Kerala State Chalachitra Academy on behalf of the Department of Cultural Affairs, Government of Kerala. The festival is recognized by the FIAPF thus making it part of a prestigious circle of specialized festivals. The 14th edition of IFFK will be held at Thiruvananthapuram (formerly known as Trivandrum), the capital city of Kerala in the South of India from 11th – 18th December 2009. IFFK boasts of an exclusive and extremely popular competition section restricted to films produced or co-produced in ASIA, AFRICA & LATIN AMERICA within the last year of the festival cycle. With a cine literate audience which is the pride of IFFK, the festival is now into its 14th year has a formidable reputation of quality and participation.

Organised by
Kerala State Chalachitra Academy for the department of cultural affairs, Government of Kerala.
Sasthamangalam, Thiruvananthapuram,
Kerala, India 695 010.
Phone: +91 471 2310323, 2312214
Fax: +91 471 2310322
Web: ,

Festival home page

Festival Films

Mrinal Sen Retrospective

  • Calcutta 71 1972/B&W/101’/Bengali
  • In search of famine/Aakaler sandhane 1980/color/115’/Bengali
  • The ruins/Khandhar 1983/color/106’/Hindi
  • This is my land/Aamar bhuban 2002/color/107’/Bengali
  • Mr. Shome/Bhuvan Shome 1969/B&W/96’/Hindi
  • Suddenly one day/ Ekdin achanak 1989/color/105’/Hindi
  • The Confined/Antareen 1993/color/91’/Bengali
  • Ek Din Pratidin / A day like any other 1997/color/95’/Bengali s

Arturo Ripstein Retrospective

  • Castle of Purity / El castillo de la pureza Mexico/1974/Colour/116’/Spanish
  • The place without limits/ El lugar sin límites Mexico/1978/110’/ Spanish
  • The Realm of Fortune/ El imperio de la fortuna Mexico/1985/ Colour/ 35mm/135’/ Spanish
  • The beginning and the end/ Principio y fin Mexico/1993/35mm/Colour/188’/Spanish
  • The Queen of the Night/ La reina de la noche Mexico, USA, France/ 1993/ Colour/ 35 mm/ 120’/ Spanish
  • Divine/ El Evangelio De Las Maravillas Mexico, Spain, Argentina/1998/Colour/112’/Spanish
  • The Ruination of Men /La Perdcion de los hombres Mexico/Spain/2000/35mm/B&W/106’/ Spanish

Mikio Naruse Retrospective

  • Her Lonely Lane/Hourou-ki Japan/ B &W / Wide / 1962 / 123 min. / Takarazuka Eiga
  • Husband and Wife Japan /B & W / Standard / 1953 / 87 min / Toho
  • Scattered Clouds Japan/1967/35mm/colour/108’/Japanese
  • The Echo Japan/B & W / Standard/ 1954 / 95 min / Toho
  • Mother Japan/B&W / Standard/ 1952 / 98min / Shin Toho

Jacques Tati Retrospective

  • Monsieur Hulot’s Holiday / Les Vacances de M. Hulot France/1953/ Restored Version /114’/French,English
  • Festival Day/ Jour de fête France/1949/Restored Version/70’/French
  • Play Time France/1967/ Restored Version/155’/French
  • My Uncle/Mon Oncle Italy,France/1958/ Restored Version/117’/French

Contemporary Master in Focus : Raoul Peck

  • Lumumba France, Belgium, Germany/2000/116 Min/Color/French
  • Man by the Shore/L’Homme sur les Quais France/Canada/ Haiti/1993/colour/105’/French
  • Sometimes In April USA/ Rwanda/ 140’/colour/English
  • Lumumba: Death of a Prophet
  • Moloch Tropical United States/ 2009/105’/Color/English, French

Contemporary Master in Focus : Penek Ratnaruang

  • Invisible waves Thailand, Netherlands, South Korea, HK /2006/Colour/118’/English, Japanese, Thai, Chinese
  • Last life in the universe Thailand, Japan/2003/Colour/35mm/112’/Thai-Japanese-English
  • Transistor Love Story /Monrak transistor Thailand/2001/35mm/Colour/ 115’/Thai
  • Ploy Thailand/2007/Colour/105’/Thai/English
  • Sixty Nine Thailand/1999/Colour/115’/Thai
  • Nymph / Nang mai Thailand/2009/Colour/35mm/94’/Thai

African Contemporary Cinema

  • Teza Dir:Haile Gerima |Ethiopia,Germany,France/2008/Colour/140’/Amharic,English,Germany|
  • Jeruslama Dir: Ralph Ziman |South Africa/ 2008/Colour/120’/English|
  • From a Whisper Dir: Wanuri Kahiu |Kenya/ 2009/B&W/79’|
  • The Abscence /L’Absence Dir:Mama Keita | Senegal, France /2009/82’/Colour/Uolof, French|
  • Ezra Dir: Newton I. Aduaka |France, Nigeria, USA,UK, Austria /2007/Colour /103’/ English|

Cuban Cinema in Focus

  • City in Red /Ciudad en Rojo | 2009/35mm/Colour/Spanish | Director: Rebeca Chávez
  • Pages from Mauricio’s Diary/ Paginas del diario de Mauricuo | 48. |2006/35mm/color/135’/Spanish | Director: Manuel Pérez Paredes
  • Memories of Underdevelopment/Memorias del subdesarrollo | 49. | 1968/ B&W/78’/Spanish|Director: Tomas Gutierrez Alea
  • The Last supper/ La Ultima cena 50. |1976/color/120’/Spanish | Director: Tomas Gutierrez Alea
  • The Man from Maisinicú/ El hombre de Maisinicú Maisinicú | 1973/B&W/124’/Spanish | Director: Manuel Diaz
  • Viva Cuba |2005/35mm/Colour/80’/Spanish |Director: Juan Carlos Cremata & Iraida Malberti Cabrera
  • Lucia ||1968/16mm/B&W/161’/Spanish | Director: Humberto Solás
  • Omerta |2008/35mm/color/86’/Spanish|Director:Pavel Giroud
  • The Silly Age/’La edad de la peseta’ 55. |2006/color/90’/ Spanish|Director: Pavel Giroud

50 years of French New Wave

  • Pierrot Goes Wild/ Pierrot le fou | France-Italy/1965/35 mm/110’/French-English |Dir: Jean-Luc Godard
  • Alphaville/ Alphaville, une etrange aventure de Lemmy Caution |1965/35mm/B&W/99’/French |Dir: Jean-Luc Godard
  • The Girl at the Monceau Bakery/La boulangère de Monceau |1963/16mm/B&W/23’/French |Dir: Eric Rohmer
  • Handsome Serge /Le Beau Serge |1958/35mm/ B&W/98’/French | Dir: Claude Chabrol
  • Cléo de 5 à 7/ Cleo from 5 to 7 |1962/35mm/B&W-Colour/90’/ French | Dir: Agnès Varda
  • Jules et Jim/ Jules and Jim |1962/35mm/B&W/105’/French, German, English | Dir: François Truffaut
  • La Baie des anges /Bay of Angels |1963/35mm/B&W/90’/French | Dir: Jacques Demy
  • Ascenseur pour l’échafaud/Elevator to the Gallows |1958/35mm/B&W/88’/French-German |Dir: Louis Malle

First Time Directors

  • Enough! / Barakat! Dir: Djamila Sahraoui | Algeria /2006 / Col / 92’/French |
  • In Mom’s head / La tête de Maman Dir: Carine Tardieu | France/2006 /Col/ 93’/French |
  • 7 years / 7 Ans Dir: Jean-Pascal Hattu | France/ 2007 /Col / 82’/French |
  • 13 square meter /13 M2 Dir: Barthelemy Grossmann | France/ 2007 /Col/ 80’/French |
  • On the ropes / Dans les cordes Dir: Magaly Richard-Serrano | France/2007/Col/ 89’/French |
  • All is forgiven / Tout est pardonné Dir: Mia Hansen-Löve | France/2007/ Col /105’/French |
  • Water Lilies / Naissance des pieuvres Dir: Céline Sciamma| France/2007/ Col/ 85’/French |

Competition Section

  • Homero Manzi, A poet in the Storm/Un Poeta En la Torment Dir: Eduardo Spagnuolo Argentina/97min/ 2009
  • (Un) Lucky/ Z’har Dir: Zamoum Fatma Zohra Algeria/Fr/78min/2009
  • My Secret Skys /Izulu Lami Dir: Madoda Ncayiyana South Africa/97min/2009
  • There/ Orada Dirs: Hakki Kurtulus & Melik Saracogl Turkey/96min/2009
  • Fishing Platform/Jermal Dirs: Ravi L Bharwani & Rayya Makarim Indonesia/90min/2008
  • The Abscence /L’AbsenceDir:Mama Keita | Senegal, France /2009/82’/Colour/Uolof, French|
  • Birzhan Sal Dirs: Doshan Zholzhaksynov & Rymbek Alpen Kazhakstan /110min/2009
  • True Noon/Ghiyame Rooz Dir: Nosir Siadov Dir: Asghar Farhadi Iran/119/2009
  • About Elly/ Darbare-ye Elly Dir: Asghar Farhadi Iran/119/2009
  • A fly in the Ashes/ La Mosca en la Ceniza Dir: Gabriela David Argentina/98min/2009
  • Two Paise for sunshine , four Annas for rain/ Do paise ki Dhoop,Char aane ki Baarish Indonesia/90min/2008
  • Road to Confluence/ Road to Sangam Dir: Amit Rai | India/141min/2009 |
  • What the Sufi said/ Sufi Paranja Katha India/90min/2008
  • Midsummer/Madhyavenal Dir: Madhu Kaithapuram | India/126min/2009 |

The Films selected to be screened in the Indian Cinema section are as follows:-

Indian Cinema now

  • Harishchandrachi Factory , Dir: Paresh Mokashi
  • Calcutta My Love/ Kaalbela Dir: Goutam Ghosh | Bengali/120min/2008|
  • Just one Chance (Last Chance Mumbai)/ Ek tho Chance Dir: Saeed Akhtar Mirza |Hindi/100min/2008|
  • Smell/Gandh Dir: Sachin Kundalkar | Marathi/90min/2009|
  • The Well/ Vihir Dir Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni | Marathi/120min/2009|
  • Native Village / Sontha Vooru Dir: P.Suneel Kumar Reddy | Telugu/100min/2009 |
  • Maya Bazar Dir: Joydeep Ghosh | Bengali/120min/2009 |

The Films selected to be screened in the Malayalam Cinema section are as follows:-

Malayalam Cinema Today

  • Kerala Cafe , Producer: Ranjith | 143min/2009 |
  • Orkuka Vallapozhum Dir: Sohan Lal | 91min/ 2008 |
  • Ramanam Dir: M.P.Sukumaran Nair | 116min/2009 |
  • Ritu Dir: Shyamaprasad | 130min/2009 |
  • Pakalnakshtrangal Dir: Rajeev Nath | 110min/2008|
  • Bhoomi Malayalam Dir: T.V.Chandran | 90min/2008 |
  • Patham Nilayile Theevandi Dir:Joshy Mathew | 102min/2009|

World Cinema Section

  • Sweet Rush//Tatarak Dir: Adrezej Wajda | Poland/2009/35mm/Colour/85’/Polish |
  • Scheherazade Tell Me a Story/ Ehky Ya Schahrazad Director:Yousry Nasrallah |Egypt/2009/35mm/Colour/134’/Arabic |
  • Eccentricities of a Blonde-Haired Girl / Singularidades de uma Rapariga Loura Dir:Manoel de Oliveira | Portugal-Spain-France/2009/35mm/Colour/64’/Portuguese|
  • Nothing Personal Director: Urszula Antoniak |Ireland-Netherlands/2009/35mm/Colour/85’/English|
  • Bad Day to go Fishing Director: Alvaro Brechner |Spain-Uruguay/2009/35mm/Colour/Spanish |
  • Empty Nest / El nido vacío Director: Daniel Burman |Argentina, Spain, France-Italy/2008/35mm/Colour/91’/Spanish-Hebrew|
  • Looking for Eric Director: Ken Loach | UK, France,I taly, Belgium-Spain/2009/Colour/116’/English |
  • Tales from the Golden Age/Amintiri din epoca de aur Directors: Cristian Mungiu, Ioana Maria Uricaru, Hanno Höfer, Razvan Marculescu, Constantin Popescu|Romania-France/2009/35mm/Colour/155’/Romanian|
  • The Time That Remains/ Le temps qu’il reste Director: Elias Suleiman |UK, Italy, Belgium, France/2009/35mm/Colour/109’/Arabic-Hebrew|
  • Shirin Director:Abbas Kiarostami|Iran/2008/HDcam/Colour/94’/Persian|
  • Storm/ Sturm :Hans-Christian Schmid | Germany, Denmark, Netherlands/2009/35mm/Colour/105’/English, German, Bosnian,
  • A Year ago in Winter/ Im Winter ein Jahr Director: Caroline Link | Germany/2008/35mm/Colour/128’/German |
  • Jerichow Director: Christian Petz | Germany/2008/35mm/Colour/91’/German-Turkish |
  • The Blessing / Velsignelsen Director: Heidi Maria Faisst | Denmark/2009/35mm/Danish |
  • Anti Christ Director: Lars Von Trier | Denmark, Germany, France, Sweden-Italy/2009/35mm/Colour-B&W/104’/English | Thailand, Japan/2003/Colour/35mm/112’/Thai-Japanese-English
  • Vision / Vision – Aus dem Leben der Hildegard von Bingen 119. Director: Margarethe Von Trotta| Germany/2009/35mm/Colour/111’/German |
  • Broken Embraces/ Los abrazos rotos Director: Pedro Almodovar |Spain/2009/35mm/Colour/127’/Spanish-English|
  • Taking Woodstock Director: Ang Lee | USA/2009/35mm/Colour/120’/English |
  • Katalin Varga Director: Peter Strickland | Romania, UK, Hungary/2008/35 mm/Colour/84’/ Hungarian-Romanian |
  • Around a Small Mountain/ 36 vues du Pic Saint Loup Director: Jacques Rivette | France-Italy/2009/35mm/Colour/84’/French |
  • Nucigen House/La maison Nucingen Director : Raúl Ruiz | France, Chile/2008/35mm/Colour/94’/French-Alemany-Spanish |
  • Operation Danube / Operace Dunaj Director: Jacek Glomb | Poland,Czech Republic/2009/Colour/ Polish/Czech/Russian |
  • General Nil Director: Ryszard Bugajski | Poland/2009/Colour/125’/Polish |
  • Pomegranates and Myrrh/ Al-mor wa al rumman Director: Najwa Najjar | Palestine/2008/Colour/ 95’/ Arabic-English-Hebrew |
  • Jean Charles Director: Henrique Goldman| UK/2009/ Colour/English-Portuguese |
  • Fish Child/ El niño pez Diretor: Lucia Puenzo | Argentina , France,Spain/2009/35mm/Colour/96’/Spanish |
  • The Other Bank/ Gagma Napiri Director: George Ovashvili | Georgia, Kazakhstan/ 2009/Colour/90’/Georgian-Abkhazian-Russian |
  • Be Calm and Count to Seven/ Aram Bash va ta haft beshmar Director: Ramtin Lavafipour| Iran/2008/Colour/89’/ Farsi |
  • Fortress/Qala Director: Shamil Najafzada| Azerbaijan/2008/83’/ Azeri,Russian |
  • Somewhere I’ve never travelled Director: Fu Tien-Yu | Taiwan/2009/colour/96’/Chinese,English |
  • Agrarian Utopia/Sawan baan na Director: Uruphong Raksasad | Thailand/2009/35mm/Colour/122’/Thai |
  • Love Life of a Gentle Coward/ Ljubavni zivot domobrana Director: Pavo Marinkovic| Croatia/2009/Colour/95’/Croatian |
  • The Long Night/ Al Lail Altaweel Director: Hatem Mohammad Ali | Syria / 2009 / 94 min. / Color / 35 mm / Arabic / English |
  • Un Prophet Director: Jacques Audiard | France/2009/149’/Color/35mm/ French, Arabic, Corsican |
  • Three Wise Men/ Kolme Viisasta miesta Director: Mika Kaurismaki |Finland/2008/Color/98’/Finnish |
  • Lights in the dusk / Laitakaupungin Valot Director: Aki Kaurismaki | Finland,Germany France/2006/color/78’/ Finnish,Russian |
  • Tango Singer Director: Gabriel Arregui | Argentina/ 2009/35mm/Colour/ 105’/Spanish |
  • A step into Darkness/ Büyük oyun Director: Atil Inaç | Turkey/2009/Colour/ 120’/Turkish-Turkmen-Kurdish -Arabic |
  • Love in a wknd/Amor en fin Director: Salvador Aguirre | Mexico/2008/color/100’/Spanish |
  • Eastern Plays Director: Kamen Kalev| Bulgaria/2009/Colour/89’/Turkish,Bulgarian |
  • 24 City/ Èr shí sì chéng jì Director: Jia Zhangke | China/2008/Colour/112’/Mandarin |
  • Masangeles Director: Beatriz flores Silva | Belgium,Cuba,Uruguay/2008/color/123’/Spanish |
  • Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja Director: T.Hariharan | India/2009/color/ 194’/Malayalam |
  • Dev D Director : Anurag Kashyap|India/2009/color/138’/Hindi |
  • Brave New Voices Director: Russell Simmons |USA/2009/color/140’/English|
  • The Damned Rain/Gabhricha Paus Director : Satish Manwar |India/2008/color/100’/Marathi|
  • Dream/Bi-Mong Director : Kim Ki-Duk
  • Whisper with the wind Director: Shahram Alidi|Iraq/2009/color/77’/Kurdish|
  • Fire-Keeper/ Secret d’homme Director: Mohsen Amir Yousefi |Iran/2009/color/35mm /82’/Persian|
  • Land of Scarecrows/ Heosuabideuleui ddang Director: Roh Gyeong-Tae |Korea/France/2008/35mm color/90’/ Korean, Tagalog |
  • Revisited /Rewizyta Director: Krzysztof Zanussi |Poland/2009/color/90’/Polish|
  • Puska’s Hungary/Puskas: The Legend of the Magical Magyar Director: Tamás Almási |Hungary/2009/color/118’/ Hungarian|
  • Witch Circle/Boszorkánykör Director: Dezso Zsigmond |Hungary/2009/color/90’/Hungarian|
  • Twenty Director: Abdolreza Kahani | Iran/2009/ color/88’/Persian |
  • Treeless Mountain Director: So Yong Kim |USA, South Korea/2008/color/35mm/89’|

Lohithadas Retrospective

  • Bhoothakanadi 1997/color/35mm/ /Malayalam
  • Kireedom 1990/color/35mm
  • Aadharam Director: Bharathan 1992/color/35mm
  • Thaniyavarthanam 1987/color/35mm
  • Joker 1993/color/35mm
  • Aryangalude Veedu 2000/color/35mm


  • Murali: Neyythukaran
  • Rajan P Dev : Thommanum Makkalum
  • Madhavikutty: Mazha
  • Shobhana Parmesweran Nair: Morapenn
  • Adoor Bhavani : Kadalpalam
  • K.P.Thomas : Manimuzhakam

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