Current Date:17 August, 2022

Dharamshala Film Festival 2013

The Dharamsala Film Festival (DFF) grew out of a pure love for celebrating the eternal play between consciousness and creativity – and a deep appreciation of how the arts, and most specifically independent film, are powerful vehicles for fostering awareness and change. Additionally, we are world travelers who rejoice in the cross-cultural expansion that subtly transforms all those who wander far and wide, and we embrace film as a medium for this soul-level evolution.

We are committed to providing the local community as well as travelers to this magnificent Himalayan destination with a diverse presentation of high-quality independent films from around the world. The festival themes are CONSCIOUSNESS and CREATIVITY, two widely cherished and intimately related subjects which bear increasing relevance for both our mountain spiritual community and our planet at large.

We hope that this initiative will profoundly touch festival-goers, stimulate thoughtful reflection on our own ways of life and connection to spirit, and catalyze deepening shifts in the evolution of consciousness. For the community, we wish to partner in creating bridges of understanding and to encourage the practices of sacred arts and activism and ultimately contribute to the harmonious development of Dharamsala for all of its inhabitants and visitors.


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