Current Date: 5 October, 2022

KODAK 500T Color Negative Film 5230/7230


KODAK 500T Color Negative Film 5230/7230 delivers the performance filmmakers have come to expect from Kodak, including:

  • Smooth, sharp images
  • Beautiful skin tones
  • Consistent color rendition and tonality

Exposure Index
Tungsten—500 ; Daylight (5500K)—320 (with KODAK WRATTEN 2 Gelatin Filter No. 85)
Color Balance
This film is balanced for exposure with tungsten illumination (3200K).



After processing, the Kodak internal product code symbol (EZ), product code number 5230, emulsion/roll number identification, and KODAK KEYKODE Numbers are visible along the length of the film.



The perception of graininess of any film depends on scene content, complexity, color, and density. In KODAK 500T Color Negative Film 5230/7230, the measured granularity is low*.



The perceived sharpness of any film depends on various components of the motion picture production system. Camera and projector lenses, film printers, and other factors play a role. In 5230 Film, the measured MTF is high*.



No filter corrections or exposure adjustments for exposure times from 1/1000 of a second to 1 second.


* Grain and MTF response data are published in Kodak publication H-1-5230t


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